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by Ania Geerts

Organic, simple, and elegant, this exclusive Zahara line of jewellery sets itself apart from the ordinary. Incorporating sterling silver, 18 karat gold, champagne diamonds, white diamonds, black diamonds, keishi pearls, biwa pearls, and the combination of several rare and unique gemstones, our Blooming line of jewellery will distinguish itself among any collection.

All sizes and weights are an approximation only. Due to the individual nature of natural gemstones, each piece is slightly different and sizes and weight vary accordingly.


Keishi pearls are uniqueness at its finest. So don’t let this small and simple set fool you into thinking it’s not glam enough to complete that outfit. 18ky gold, sterling silver, keishi pearls. Available in black and white.


Going casual? Choose the pendant and ring. Want to stand out among the crowd? Go for a new and unusually enticing feel with the entire ensemble! Keishi pearls, 18ky gold, sterling silver, it doesn’t get much better then this. Available in white and black to suit any occasion.


A combination of black pearls, black diamonds, sterling silver, and 18ky gold, this organic necklace, earring and ring combination puts a twist on traditional pearl jewellery. Suitable for any occasion.


The organic nature of keishi pearls, complemented with freshwater pearls and champagne diamonds, gives this piece a calming personality of its own. A combination of 18ky gold and sterling silver, you can buy the whole set to dress it up, or use a single piece to create just the statement your looking for.


Stud earrings, elaborate bracelet, elegant pendant, flashy earrings: everything you ever wanted! Using freshwater pearls, diamonds, white topaz, 18ky gold, and sterling silver, you just can’t go wrong with anything from this combo.


Subtle and simple, let these 18ky gold and sterling silver pieces speak for themselves.


Oh goodness! With this ring and earring combo, you’ll be sure to show a fashionista the definition of subtle style. 18ky gold, sterling silver, freshwater pearls. Available in black and white.


“Exotic Beauty”
Our favorite. These pieces are everything we hope a piece of jewellery to be: simple, elegant, exotic, creative, unique, and definitely different. Who knew pearls could get this interesting? 18ky gold, sterling silver, freshwater pearls.


“Sweet Rememberance”
Like a bit of spice in your life? This is it. Add some serious flavour to your jewellery collection with these agate slice pieces,  they are absolutely as nontraditional as it gets. It’s the piece everyone will notice, and eternally remember. 18ky gold, sterling silver, and Oco Agate slices from Brazil.


Earrings to brighten up your day! Sweet and savory, these will stand out like a glimmering ray. 18ky gold, sterling silver, black or white freshwater pearls.


With a combination of sterling silver and 18ky gold drops, white topaz, and freshwater pearls, this ring is budding with excitement. Dinner ring? You found it.


Since day one, this has been our number one. Exotic, unconventional, and out of the ordinary, each Oco Agate slice is different from the other.Extraordinary and a real conversation starter, you won’t be disappointed. 18ky gold accent, sterling silver, champagne diamond.


Need something different but not too over-the-top? These dangling lovelies will give you just that. 18ky gold accent, sterling silver.


“Earliest love”
We all remember that first love. If you haven’t tried us yet, this could be yours. White topaz, champagne diamond, freshwater pearl, 18ky gold, sterling silver, and a little bit of magic.


A little bit of fun. Keishi Pearl, champagne diamond, 18ky gold, sterling silver. As unconventional as diamonds get.


“Innocence and Thoughtfulness”
A little bit of love. Keishi pearls, freshwater pearls, and a diamond sprinkle, this ring is definitely out of the ordinary.


“Declaration of love”
Swirls, pearls, 18ky gold,sterling silver, and a whole lotta love. This is the perfect ‘dress it up or dress it down” pair of earrings. Available in black or white.


Multiple freshwater pearls, sterling silver, 18ky gold, and enough swirl to put some swing in those hips. You wanted exotic?
You got it.