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We are ring makers, metal-smiths and jewellery-adorning perfectionists.

We are risk takers, entrepreneurs, and love what we do. Everyday.

We believe in supporting ethically mined minerals, fairmined gold, and handcrafted in-house fabrication.

We strive to create one-of-a-kind, blow your mind, affordable, extraordinary pieces of jewellery. Every single time.

We believe in a creative space where imagination is possible, the extraordinary is usual, and everyone feels welcome.

HEIST isn’t just about what’s in the box.
It’s about the story that got it there.

Let our story help you create yours.



Wondering which pirate is going to best help you find your treasure?


Ania Geerts
Designer. Daydreamer. World traveller. Rock hunter.

Gemstone obsessed, jewellery loving, Spanish speaking, risk taking entrepreneur, Ania Geerts has a story for every stone in the store. She’s travelled most of the world to source our gemstones straight from the miners or cutters themselves, and has lived through each adventure to tell each near death defying tale.  When she’s not hiking through jungles and digging in dirt, you can find her practicing her dance moves at the local Latin cantina.


Alex Jay
Goldsmith. Designer. The diamond in our rhinestone world.

Award winning Canadian designer Alex Jay is a George brown graduate and German trained goldsmith. Alex has had a lifelong appreciation of jewellery, and is arguably the most knowledgable regarding the ins and outs of it all on our team. If Alex isn’t working on her latest creation at the workbench in the studio, you can find her on the sales floor, usually singing her favourite lyrics to a Dolly Parton classic.

Our Designers


Ania Geerts

Ottawa, Ontario

Adventurer, entrepreneur, jewellery designer, and gemstone hunter, Ania Geerts got her jewellery start studying silversmithing in a small Mexican village in 2005. With humble beginnings, Ania Geerts grew her small business from a market table and mall kiosks, to opening her very first store in 2011. Heist jewellery is the grandchild of her original jewellery love, Zahara Jewellery. A collaboration with Alex Jay brings to fulfilment a longtime dream of Ania’s to promote in-house design and jewellery production. Today, Ania continues to collaborate with Alex Jay to create HEIST’s signature collections, while using her entrepreneurial skills to continuously re-envision the future for HEIST Jewellery.


Alex Jay

Alexandra Jay loves jewellery for its beauty, symbolism, and for the sentimental place it holds in our lives. This affection lead her to the Jewellery Arts program at George Brown College in Toronto Ontario. She now lives and works in her hometown of Gatineau Quebec.  

Inspired by classic jewellery and the women in her life, Alexandra crafts pieces to be worn and loved today, tomorrow and always. Precious materials – silver, gold, gemstones – made to last, and thoughtfully produced to sustain generations.

Jewellery, at its finest, is a link between past and future. Alexandra endeavours to create timeless pieces that will carry the stories of today into tomorrow.



Sylvie Vailliancort
Sales team. Stylist. Jewellery enthusiast. If she can’t rock it, no one can.

Struggling to find that perfect gift for someone? Sylvie exquisite sense of style, fashion, colours, and wardrobe will not only leave you in awe, but have you walking away with a piece of jewellery that you can’t go wrong with. Secretly, we all want to be Sylvie, one day.


Eva Palumbo

We have one real fire cracker on our team, and this young but ultra capable lady is exactly that. Give her a task, and she’ll get it done. Goldsmith apprentice, jewellery display master,  artist extraordinaire,  and gemstone whiz kid, we love spending days with her subtle but witty sense of humour, and ability to beat any of us at any pop culture reference.



Goldsmith, stone setter, expert ring sizer, high polish master, heavy machine operator, handyman, home chef extraordinaire, and heart of gold, there isn’t much we could do successfully without this link in our chain. Seriously. And really, he does almost look like Johnny Depp.


Traven Benner 

This individual is such a strong addition to our team, we could hardly believe our luck at having him decide we were the right fit for his next work venture. With a strong history as a cad cam designer, goldsmith, and jewellery business operator, he brings ALL the expertise to the table this time around. With Traven’s outside of the box thinking, local networking magic, top of the line photography skills, and absolute down right genuine personality, we couldn’t think of a better person suited to spearhead our marketing, social media, and consignment operations. When he’s not with us, he’s focused on his main passions; his lucky family of ladies.